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Gymnastics and Active therapy

Apart from individual therapy a child can become involved in Active therapy through Spartac Gymnastics Club based at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk. Parents and gymnasts can benefit from the club atmosphere where they can meet others in a similar situation.


Your child will be encouraged, together with their siblings, to reach their true potential by applying a developmental strategy specifically designed to meet their needs. Parents can come and watch or become actively involved of they wish.


It is our aim to develop opportunities of this kind in other areas and in other social settings.

If you run a social activity whether it be sport, educational or creative arts etc. and are catering for people with a disability and their siblings and you wish to know more about Active therapy techniques please contact the Foundation using the contact page of this web site.

Spartac Gymnastics Club

In 2012 they were given the honour of performing in front of Royalty on the Savoy Theatre's West End stage, to help celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

The Club provides opportunities for young people to participate in gymnastics, regardless of their ability.


We have been part of the Great Britain team at four World & European Gymnaestradas in Portugal (2003), Austria (2007), Switzerland (2011) and Finland (2004 & 2015).

These are all mainstream events.


In addition to events abroad we are regular attendants at National Festivals here in Britain. Our gymnasts are well known and are regarded as the one of the best inclusive display teams in the World.



Working together with Spartac Gymnastics Club

Active therapy has developed in many different directions according to the needs of the individual. By using the “Active” techniques all the participants go on to far greater achievements than ever thought possible, whether within the gymnastics environment, at school or at home. Our programme enables, not only the participant to develop their skills, but also parents, teachers, siblings, friends and peers to join in to develop a much greater understanding of their roles and how to deal with different situations.

The fundamental principle and belief within the Active Therapy Foundation is:

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No matter what ability you have – failure need not be an option.


During the Behaviour Modification study we established that to enable one to control movement the art of “stillness” first had to be mastered.


This principle is used throughout the programme and has enabled many of our clients to participate in activities which have brought them and their families great pleasure.


Some of our more disabled gymnasts have even progressed to representing their country in mainstream gymnastics events.